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Russia is taking advantage of weak failed leadership by Biden

The problem facing us in Ukraine now is that President Biden has shown feckless leadership and that has emboldened people like China and Russia to make aggressive moves."

The Jan. 6 Investigation We Need Is Into The Unlawful Military Occupation Of D.C.

The illegal use of extraterritorial National Guard soldiers and airmen as a domestic police force against our citizens must have the founders rolling over in their graves.

General McGuire on Mask Mandates

"This is another example of the Biden administration's overreach of federal control into local issues."

Fentanyl Overdoses Become No. 1 Cause of Death Among U.S. Adults 18-45 Years Old

Biden shut off the support to the border patrol. When I left the military in April it was a crisis. Now it is a full blown human tragedy.

Vaccine Mandate Goes Live For The Military

Biden's messaging is completely incongruent. He claims to be worried about public health while allowing a completely open border with anyone coming across.

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