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Colin Powell Passes at 84

General McGuire shares about his respect for Colin Powell and about his perspective on what Colin Powell has done.

Biden Admin may allow Former Taliban Workers into U.S.

"Every American remembers what happened on September 11th, 2001. I can't believe the hypocrisy of the left now to say that those people who helped harbor and advance the terrorist that attacked this nation on 9/11 are going to be off of a terror watchlist."

Growing Fallout over Vaccine Mandate for U.S. Troops

"We have created a situation where we politicized this thing. The hypocrisy from Biden's policies from the left is what's causing this confusion and it is going to affect everything."

The Dichotomy of the Leftists

The leftists in office are using their current power to politicize our military and our law enforcement.

General McGuire on the state of our Military

"This is the reason I am in the US Senate race. I walked away from my time as a member military to say this can't continue, the Republic will come apart at the seams at this rate."

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