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Maj. Gen. Michael McGuire, the former adjutant general of the Arizona National Guard and director of the State of Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, criticized President Joe Biden’s border security policies, telling Newsmax TV the reason for the “flood” of undocumented migrants is because the president won’t bring the National Guard to the border for security.

In the past, the National Guard had been deployed to secure the border once under former President George W. Bush, twice under former President Barack Obama, and once again under former President Donald Trump.

Biden is “trying to deal with the flood by not first addressing the leak, which is border security. Border security has to happen right now. The wall’s gotta get built, and he’s gotta deploy the guard back to the border immediately,” McGuire told “American Agenda.”

On Wednesday, in Biden’s first congressional address, he did not mention the current crisis at the border. Biden has since stopped constructing the border wall and Trump’s remain-in-Mexico policy, stating that undocumented migrants stay across the border until their asylum cases are profiled.

“When our Guardsmen have been deployed in the previous three administrations, we surged badges to the border, but we cover down for all of those things that border protection, ICE, and immigration services do on our southwest border here in Arizona and across all the southwestern United States.

“President Biden has been reluctant and literally not putting people on the border right now … the border is a federal issue, and President Biden, the Commander in Chief, is not dealing with it.”

McGuire explained that some of the smaller communities in Arizona can’t handle the flood of undocumented migrants coming in.

“These communities may have 500 to 1000 folks. So imagine a community absorbing daily one-eighth of their population … It’s an emergency caused by not securing the border. You have to first secure the border, then deal with the flood,” concluded McGuire, who said that the situation can be described as an emergency on top of an emergency.

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