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Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Senate candidate General Mick McGuire responded today to the news that President Trump endorsed Blake Masters.

McGuire said, “As a supporter of President Trump’s policies, I respect his right to endorse a candidate in Arizona’s U.S. Senate race, but Arizona voters will pick our next Senator, not anyone else. The media and other candidates want you to believe this race is only about money, but Arizona voters know it’s about leadership.

President Trump’s endorsement does not change what Arizonans are looking for in their next Senator. I am the only candidate in this race to directly oversee operations and mobilize resources to secure our border. I am the only candidate that has stood up for Arizona against the type of unconstitutional federal overreach and moral corruption in our military emblematic of the Biden administration today. No other candidate—not Masters, not Lamon, not Brnovich—has a record that reflects the experience and leadership necessary to confront our current crises.

The endorsements I value most are those of Arizona voters. I have driven 42,000 miles across our state talking to voters from every walk of life. The grassroots will decide this primary, not money spent on television commercials.

I will continue to meet with Arizonans all over the state, and I’m confident that with their support, we will win. I look forward to President Trump’s support in the general election.”


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