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More Aid Given to Ukraine

This aid needs to be used to solve the humanitarian issues we are seeing. In the end we need the US to de-escalate the situation because a protracted war isn't going to be good for anyone.

Ukrainians are Fighting to Hold On

The protracted nature of this, since we were so disjointed in our response initially has led to the Russians having a greater advantage.

McGuire Releases First TV Ad: BOOM

Arizonans deserve better than Mark Kelly and Joe Biden's incompetence. We need someone with real command experience, so we're building an army of voters that say I Pick Mick!

The Escalation of the War in Ukraine

Unfortunately the fighting is going to continue for some time. The United States needs to continue to stand firmly with them.

Biden Approval at 33%

I have no idea what Biden is doing but his approval ratings are not surprising. He is contradicting himself and making no progress on what matters to Americans.

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