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Britain seems to be leading the way in aiding Ukraine

Biden needs to show strength. Only strength is going to de-escelate this situation.

New Russian War Chief - General Alexander Dvornikov Oversaw Brutal Syria Campaign

In the next few days they will try to increase the pressure. This will continue to be a tough road for the Ukrainians.

Russian Convoy Rolls Towards Eastern Ukraine

There is an opportunity for the U.S. to take the lead and reinforce the Ukrainians but it looks like Biden isn't going to do that.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Wants 'Weapons, Weapons, Weapons'

The Ukrainian Army have pushed the Russians out of Keiv. They have limited this to a two front war instead of three. This will likely continue on for quite away and they will continue to need a lot of aid as long as it does.

Zelenskyy to U.N. Security Council: No More Russia Veto

Putin has invaded a neighboring country. A sovereign country, he has admitted that. This is not misinformation. We need to be able to help them.

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