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PHOENIX, AZ: Today Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers announced his support for Major General (Ret.) Mick McGuire in his race for U.S. Senate. “As the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, I have seen firsthand how important it is for our state to have a U.S. Senator who can advocate for the conservative values that makes this state great,” said Speaker Bowers.

“I’m grateful for the Speaker’s endorsement today. With his support, we will win this race and start returning power back to the states, where it belongs,” McGuire said.

“Mick McGuire is a conservative patriot who can be trusted to work dutifully for lower taxes, increased border security and prosperity for all. He is the leader who can protect Arizona values against the swamps of Washington DC powerbrokers. I am endorsing Mick McGuire for U.S. Senate,” Speaker Bowers continued.


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