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Border Security / National Security

Border security is national security. If we can’t secure our own border, conflicts abroad are secondary to our national security. We must protect our interests abroad, but our country should not be entering conflicts without constitutional authorization from Congress, a justifiable purpose, a clear mission, and an exit strategy. No one prays for peace more than a soldier.

The U.S. Economy

Runaway inflation is devastating for Arizona’s families, especially the poor and those on fixed incomes as the basic necessities of life become more unaffordable. The Senate must take steps to control the spending that got us into this mess. We will only get out of this economic crisis by unleashing the innovative spirit of this country and unlocking access to our natural resources and finally getting the federal government out of the way.


I am pro-life and that commitment does not stop at birth. I will stand against the radical left’s efforts to usurp state rights to decide life questions by imposing extreme federal pro- abortion laws on the states. Abortion should not be the default option, and I will support efforts to ease the costs and difficulties of adoptions and ensure services are available to women and families bringing children into this world. The federal government must make it easier to start and raise a family, not more difficult, and also must not stand in the way of states seeking to provide such support.


Senators have the unique constitutional authority to vote on executive and judicial branch appointments, and in a divided government, this will be our number one check on the Biden Administration. I will scrutinize every nominee from the Biden Administration and any Administration that follows it. I will look for commitment to the US Constitution, knowledge/experience applicable to the appointment in question, good character, strong philosophy about limited government, and the ability to serve without inappropriate constraints or conflicts.

This list of priority is not meant to be exhaustive—many challenges need to be tackled, including the most important single political issue for Republicans—getting a principled conservative leader into the White House in January 2025. In the meantime, we need to get new blood representing Arizona, and why we need Arizonans to say “I Pick Mick” as your next US Senator.

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